Schentz Joins Gunnebo’s Telesteps as Manager

Gunnebo Industries announce the appointment of Mikael Schentz as manager of Telesteps AB.

Mikael Schentz holds an M.Sc in Business and Economics. His most recent assignment was as Vice President Marketing & Development at Esselte Rapid.

Mikael has a strong background in marketing, sales and product development. He is also an experienced leader and has worked closely with customers and suppliers in China. Mikael’s experiences and personal skills will be of great use for the development of the company, its customers and employees.

Telesteps has been producing telescopic ladders and tools since 1996. The company has been working on the basis of its minimalist tradition to produce an innovative ladder solution which has revolutionised the entire world market for ladders.

Telesteps telescopic ladders with their patented, world-leading design, is today the market leader in the field of telescopic work tools. These innovative ladders are several ladders in one due to the adjustable height and at the same time they hardly take up any space when folded up, which makes them ideal for professional users using a ladder in their daily work.


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