The Crosby Group Introduce New Bundle Clip

Crosby’s new Bundle Clip is a great alternative for transporting bundles of pipe and other cylindrical items.    The design allows the choker hitch of the sling to maintain its position, and the shape of the choked bundle, even after the tension of the load is released. The new Bundle Clip allows for quick and easy crane attachment and transfer of load, and is perfect for “Shore to Ship” and “Ship to Shore” applications.
Two versions of Crosby’s Bundle Clip are available.    The G-460 is designed for use with “Soft Eye” wire rope slings.    The G-461 is designed for use with “Thimble Eye” wire rope slings. Both versions are galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting action. Clips have rolled threads with forged bases and bundle clip adapters.    The Bundle Clips meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26 including manufacturing I.D. and size requirements. Importantly, these wire rope bundle clips meet material traceability, not addressed by ASMEB30.26. Finally, look for the Red-U-Bolt, your assurance of Genuine Crosby Products.
To find out more about the Bundle Clip, contact The Crosby Group at (800) 797-4611 or visit


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