Southern Wire Expands: New Locations and Staff Appointments

Southern Wire, a division of Houston Wire & Cable Company, proudly announces geographic expansion and new personnel.

In the first quarter of 2012, Southern Wire will add new sites in Seattle and Philadelphia.  In conjunction with existing locations in Memphis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Tampa, Chicago and Houston, this expansion gives Southern Wire an unmatched ability to meet increasing customer demand.  As Chris Sokoll, President of Southern Wire, states: “The new facilities will expand our capacity in order to provide our customers with our service commitment to having the Right Product at the Right Place at the Right Time.

It takes talented and dedicated staff to maintain the company’s commitment to service.  Four recent staff appointments bring strong skills and years of experience to the growing Southern Wire family.

Kim Mitchell joins Southern Wire as a purchasing assistant.  With over a decade of administrative experience and talent in sales relations, organization, communication, and analysis, Kim is the architect of customer special orders.

Amy Harper, formerly of HWCC’s mechanical wire division, is the new Purchasing Manager.  Amy develops stock programs for Southern Wire’s new locations, streamlining processes to ensure consistently high quality in this growing company.  A skilled leader with extensive experience in internal and external customer relations, Amy also negotiates vendor exclusivity projects.

Suzanna Hindman, in her new role as Corporate Market Manager, is responsible for Southern Wire’s marketing initiatives, including branding, advertising, and market research.  Suzanna has a wealth of international experience in vendor relations, which, along with her Southern Wire heritage, brings great depth to this newly created position.

John Bazelewski joins Southern Wire as its newest Outside Sales Representative.  A graduate of the University of Illinois, John joined the Southern Wire team in Chicago.  This seasoned sales professional now applies his expertise to cultivating client relationships in the Midwest.

Southern Wire’s dynamic, skilled team and planned expansion will bring its 40-year tradition of exceptional customer service and support into a nationwide arena.  With a reputation for understanding the unique buying requirements of their customers and delivering exceptional service and support, Southern Wire contributes to its customers’ competitive advantage.

For more information, visit Southern Wire’s website:


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