LHR Marine Release New RAM Wire Rope Socket

LHR Marine have released the much anticipated RAM Wire Rope Socket into the Mooring Equipment market.

LHR Marine have improved the standard of their sockets further and are now offering them in in strict accordance with the requirements of DNV‘s MOU 2.6 standards.  This implies, that all sockets meet & exceed the same standards as brand new chain and accessories of the eqivalent grade and are tested and certified to the same standard as new chain and accessories.

The RAM Wire Rope Socket has been designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).  Tests carried out have proved the RAM Wire Rope Socket is extremely torque resistant which offers a much greater strength over the AHV Stern Roller compared to conventional sockets.

LHR Marine are now also implementing the same traceability system for their sockets, which they have used for over two decades on all of their accessories.  The traceability system is proven to reliable; even after years in service, parts are permanently traceable.

The RAM Wire Rope Socket‘s mechanical properties match the class requirements for chain and accessories and it’s quality requirements are strictly linked to the chain requirements.  LHR Marine Sockets are manufactured from high alloyed steel.  All sockets are MPI tested and comply to the criteria set out by DNV’s MOU 2.6 for Castings.  RAM Wire Rope Sockets are also guaranteed to fit all of LHR Marine’s other components of the same size.

LHR Marine’s reputation for selling Mooring Equipment is well known internationally and they also represent top quality manufacturers of: Working at Height Equipment, Lifting & Handling Equipment, Marine Safety Products, Anti-Slip Solutions, Workwear, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Industrial Supplies.  LHR Marine’s recent successes include global agreements with major subsea shipping companies and international mooring companies which have been established from their service provision for over the last ten years from Aberdeen, Scotland and Perth, Australia.


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