Codipro Honored with Export Award

In December 2011, Codipro, a company specializing in high quality swivel lifting rings, was honored with the Export Award by the “Office du Ducroire” (Export Credit Agency) and the Chamber of Commerce in LuxembourgMichele Detaille and Christophe Losange, managing director and manager respectively of Codipro, proudly accepted the award.  This highly coveted prize crowns several years of efforts by the entire team of Codipro and its partners, with the help of two public institutions, for a clear result: today, 99% of Codipro’s turnover is generated outside the Grand Duchy, including 11% outside Europe. 

Codipro already exported to 6 countries when it was acquired by the shareholders of No-Nail Boxes (Wiltz, Luxembourg) in 2004.  Today, the company can boast of worldwide catchment area, as its lifting rings are sold in over 34 countries.

“We’ve come a long way, in the literal and the figurative sense!” representatives exclaimed, before adding: Codipro shows that large-scale exports are within reach even for a small Luxembourg-based company.   We would like to thank our entire team and all our partners most sincerely, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Export Credit Agency, who contribute to this success story.”

The former enables Codipro to take part in the many events it organizes abroad, while the latter helps the company with export assistance and credit guarantees.  “Without such guarantees, our trading relations would be far more complex, less clear and less secure.   Most of our suppliers in fact require partial payment when the order is placed, and thanks to this guarantee, wwe are certain to recover our money in case of default,” Michele Detaille explains.

For more information on Codipro, visit their website:


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