Van Beest USA Expands into New Houston Facility

Van Beest USA has experienced tremendous growth and development due to strong sales of their Green Pin and Excel items in the United States, Canada and Central America. Van Beest USA recognized the need for more storage space to meet the increasing demands from these markets. Therefore Van Beest Houston recently announced they have moved to a new premise at 1357 Sheffield Boulevard, near Houston International Seaport.

Their new location is 15.000 square feet, double the size of their previous warehouse with the largest stock of quality lifting equipment in the area and now easy to reach by truck to collect shipments.

With their new facility they have added tools like barcode readers and board computers on the forklift trucks for quick and efficient 
packing and a minimum risk on for error.  The new facility offers modern office space with fully equipped and comfortable meeting rooms as well as live computer connection to other branch offices worldwide, providing accurate information on product 
availability and order status.

For over 80 years, the production of high tensile shackles has been Van Beest’s core business. Mr. Dirk van Beest founded the company in 1922, initially as a supplier of iron works to the dredging industry. From the very beginning, the company has been forging shackles. Its ironwork expertise gave the Van Beest shackles an edge over the competition and now with the addition of the RFID tag, Van Beest continues to make their products stronger and better for their customers.


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