Wisconsin Lifting Specialists Expands

Wisconsin Lifting Specialists, a rigging supply company based in Milwaukee and founded in 1969, has recently opened their first branch office in Schofield, Wisconsin. Bob Newberry, the owner of Wisconsin Lifting Specialists, said the Schofield branch was opened to better serve customers in the northern Wisconsin and Michigan.

“Schofield is a very strategic location, and we also landed a couple of quality employees that will work well for our business,” Newberry said.

The Schofield branch, which focuses on the distribution and manufacturing of crane hoist and specialty rigging equipment, has three employees and may add more in the future, Newberry said.

Fred Will, a lift specialist at the company, said the company provides lift equipment for a number of industrial applications beyond the construction and manufacturing industries.

“Wherever there’s lifting, we’re there. Industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural, you name it,” Will said.

Newberry said the company has three main areas of expertise — manufacturing, distribution, and service.

“We manufacture fabricated products, we buy and resell products based on the needs of our customers, and we also have a service aspect. In the area of service, we come into factories and do inspections on crane and hoist operations, for example, using certified inspectors,” Newberry said. “It’s all about safety.”

George Brzezinski, who joined the company in December, said the Schofield location will provide an opportunity for personalized service in the area.

“This branch is a long time coming for us, and Fred and I sincerely enjoy being a part of it. We’ve been longtime rigging and lifting specialists, and we’re just glad to be here,” Brzezinski said.

Newberry said the company is dedicated to improving safety standards for companies across the area.

“If you’re going to lift something over 35 pounds, we have unique lifting devices that can help make that lifting safer,” Newberry said. “Anybody who needs to lift an item is someone we can help out.”

For more information on Wisconsin Lifting Specialists, visit their website: www.wisconsinlifting.com

Article by Shereen Skol, Everest Herald


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