The New Boscaro EZ Spreader Bar System

Italian crane equipment manufacturer Boscaro and partner Eagle West Cranes & Equipment Inc., continue to develop innovative crane accessories customized for the North American market. Their latest endeavor is the EZ™ Spreader Bar System.

The EZ™ Spreader Bar system is a modular system that can simply expand and contract by adding and removing bars, which piece together with a double pin system. This makes the bars very easy to transport and store. Each bar can be used individually, or you can join up to 5 bars to create a 34’ spreader bar.

For example, by purchasing a single 5 bar system crane companies can use one 8’ bar on 5 different cranes. The next day they can simply join 3 of them together for another job requiring a longer bar. This versatility results in cost savings as multiple cranes can share a single system with a maximum reach of 34’.

The ability to simply add and remove bars makes this spreader bar system an efficient and cost effective way to manage work that requires different length spreader bars.

The EZTM Spreader Bar system can lift a maximum of 35 Metric Tons at 8’ and 7 Metric Tons at 34’. There are 2 systems available, the 4’ bar system and the 8’ bar system, each having its own place for smaller and larger type work.

The new innovative Boscaro EZ™ Spreader Bar System is fully engineered and tested meeting all ASME requirements. The Modular System ranges from 4’ to 34′ with capacities up to 35 metric Tons.  Galvanized for durability (picture is of powder-coated prototype) as well as easily transported and stored.

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