Bridon Neptune Quay Speeds Toward Finish Line

As Bridon Neptune Quay’s November launch date approaches, the team is focused on the installation of the main Closer, which once operational will be the largest ropemaking machine in the world. The £10 million closer, produced by German engineering company SKET and being installed at the facility, will enable Bridon to manufacture the world’s largest and most complex ropes in package weights of up to 650 tons.

The Closer’s 8 bobbin section & capstan have now been installed, a task which involved the successful completion of the heaviest and highest risk crane lift of the Bridon Neptune Quay project: the move of the capstans into the pit. Off the back of this successful operation, the team is now setting out the 16 bobbin section ready for installation, and preparing to load material onto the machine in early October.

As work on the Closer continues, the team is also firing up the facility’s Strander for the first time. The Strander, like the site’s superlative closer, was also manufactured by German engineering company SKET, and will wind dozens of wires together into individual strands to be spun together into a final rope. The machine has now been fully installed, marking another major milestone on the road to project completion.

With the major machinery close to commissioning, the full launch of this superlative facility draws ever closer.  For more information, please visit:


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