Talurit Introduces New High Performance Cutting Machine

The LK 40 hydraulic shear cutting machine is ideal for cutting wire rope in a safe and effortless way. The machine is designed for efficiency and is very cost-effective. The LK 40 has a capacity to cut up to Ø 40 mm of the ordinary single layer round strand ropes, grade 1 960. The key components are made from high quality steel, which means durability and reliability.

Features of the LK 40 include easy and accessible design allowing quick insertion of wire rope and efficient operation; an automatic switch to stop the motor after each cutting operation and press down foot pedal to start a new cutting operation.

When designing the new LK 40, operator safety was an important factor. Each side is equipped with protective rubber flaps, while still maintaining easy insertion of the wire rope.  Furthermore, the foot pedal, which controls the hydraulic unit, allows the operator the use of both hands during the entire cutting operation.

The most common model is mounted vertically on a stand; however, The LK 40 can also be placed on a wagon for easy cutting close to the floor or mounted on a bench, giving the machine a stable base while operating.

North American customers are welcome to contact Chant Engineering Co. Inc. for more information and pricing: www.chantengineering.com.  Customers outside North America can contact Talurit AB for more information: www.talurit.com.


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