CORE™ Slings Launches New Website

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 4.13.48 PMCORE Industrial Lifting Slings, a national brand of quality lifting and rigging slings has launched a new website,

The company sells four major categories of lifting products: nylon slings, polyester round slings, wire rope slings, and chain slings. The CORE Slings website describes the sling types and available options, but all slings are completely customizable and made to the specifications of the customer.

JJ Floss, CORE Slings lead sales manager, says that because there is such a wide range of sling types, fabrications, hitches and end assemblies, the company is having customers call to order a sling.

JJ Floss - Lead Sales Manager

JJ Floss – Lead Sales Manager

“Because the specifications of slings can often be very technical, right now we’re having our customers call us to place an order,” said Floss. “We are considering adding the capabilities of ordering online, but we’re finding it’s much more helpful for our customers if they speak to our sales staff to ensure they are ordering the correct lifting sling for their particular needs.”

Floss says there is also a “Request for Quote” form on the website that customers can submit online to have a member of the sales team contact them. Because nearly all of the slings are made to order, production times can vary but many are manufactured and shipped within three to five business days.

Lifting straps are common in a wide range of industries and vary greatly by design. Polyester and nylon lifting slings are both made of a fabric, keeping them lightweight, pliable, and great multi-purpose slings. Nylon and polyester lifting slings from CORE Slings are made in the USA and meet or exceed all present OSHA and ASME B30.9 Standards.

Wire rope slings are common for heavy-duty usage in industries such as crane, logging, utilities, and mining as they are resistant to heat, UV rays, corrosion and many chemicals. Chain slings are also an excellent choice for industrial-type uses as well because like wire rope they are extremely resistant to abrasions and extreme temperatures. CORE Sling’s wire rope and chain slings also meet or exceed all present OSHA & ASME B30.9 Standards.

Floss says the variety of lifting slings is wide-ranging, so customers are urged to call if they don’t see the sling they’re looking for.

“A good example is our chain slings category; there are many different options for end fittings, several of which we don’t list on the website right now, but are available by request,” said Floss. “We have plans to continue adding products to the website as we get feedback from our customers.”

The CORE Slings website went live on November 1st. The company can be reached at 888-794-0587.


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