New Times Ahead for Gunnebo Lifting

Fredrik WikingPresident and CEO, Gunnebo Industries

Fredrik Wiking
President and CEO, Gunnebo Industries

In October this year, Fredrik Wiking was introduced as the new CEO of Gunnebo Lifting and Blocks. Fredrik takes over from Jerker Höglund, and this was a natural step in the process of dividing the business areas of Gunnebo Industries – Lifting, Traction, Fastening, Blocks and Telesteps – into independent units. Gunnebo Lifting and Blocks will be ran as one company.

Fredrik Wiking has extensive experience from the lifting industry, most recently as Business Area Manager at Alimak Hek. Alimak Hek manufactures and sells rack and pinion elevators and work platforms, and they have strong similarities with Gunnebo Lifting in terms of customer segments, distribution model and geographical distribution.

“I have full confidence in the future of Gunnebo Lifting. We have a strong brand and great products, which is an optimal foundation to build on,” says Fredrik Wiking.


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