Reliance Crane and Rigging Acquisition

Taylor Crane & Rigging (TCR) announces the acquisition of all remaining equipment of Phoenix, AZ based company Reliance Crane & Rigging (RC). The acquired consist of approximately 3000 tons of equipment and rigging gear used for heavy industrial lifting and transport.

TCR was established in Coffeyville, KS in 1975 to provide transportation services in the Southeast area of the state. The company has steadily expanded to become a full-service industrial mover and crane services company with about 300 clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small independent operations across North America. TCR has operated a satellite office in Tulsa, OK since 1998, and acquired Phoenix, AZ-based Reliance Crane & Rigging in 2012.

TCR has become particularly well-known for its resourcefulness when undertaking plant relocations and machine installations in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. For example, when faced with the unexpected challenge of moving a 300-ton generator and a 250-ton turbine across an alternative route that included a 15-ton capacity, 80-foot county bridge, TCR employed an innovation that involved modifying a trailer deck in its fleet. When extended, the trailer deck served as a fortified “bridge jumper” to cross the river. TCR further modified the deck for use as a lifting beam to solve severe foundation access problems. The Kansas Department of Transportation later determined that this job, accomplished without accident or injury in 2006, was the heaviest permitted load ever moved in the state.

Devising innovation solutions involving equipment was nothing new for TCR. A dozen years earlier, TCR founder Jim Taylor convinced Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc. to create the Versa-Lift 40/60 forklift, the new company’s first machine, because he was dissatisfied with the bulkiness of the forklifts he owned. Custom Mobile Equipment’s website also credits him for sharing many other useful ideas about characteristics of the ideal machinery moving forklift.

TCR’s drive to meet the challenges of the craft helped the company earn two SC&RA Rigging Job of the Year trophies.


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