Elgin Fastener Group Announces Acquisition of Telefast Industries, Inc.

Elgin Fastener Group, LLC (EFG) announced it has completed the acquisition of Telefast Industries, Inc., of Berea, Ohio.  Jeff Liter, EFG CEO, commented, “Telefast is a natural fit for our acquisition strategy as they expand our manufacturing capabilities to include the cold heading of internally threaded fasteners. The addition of Telefast also offers us cross selling opportunities with customers who buy from both Telefast and our other plants. In turn, EFG is committed to growing the Telefast operation by expanding both their sales reach and their capabilities.”

Founded in 1986, Telefast Industries was launched as a manufacturer of internally threaded fasteners, initially supplying the distribution industry. Today the company is a fully integrated manufacturer providing both internally and externally threaded products to many different markets, including distribution, automotive, agriculture, construction, government, and after-market/MRO.

Elgin Fastener Group is now comprised of eight leading domestic specialty fastener manufacturers (Ohio Rod Products, Leland Powell Fasteners, Chandler Products, Silo Fastener, Landreth Fastener, Quality Bolt & Screw, Northern Wire, Telefast Industries) offering a complete range of special, semi-standard, and custom fasteners in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, and finishes, as well as a metal finishing company (Best Metal Finishing). Elgin Fastener Group is a portfolio company of Audax Group.

For more information, contact Elgin Fastener Group LLC, 4 South Park Ave., Suite 203, Box 5, Batesville, IN 47006. Telephone: 812-689-8917, Fax: 812-689-6635. Website: www.elginfasteners.com, Email: quotes@elginfasteners.com. Also find Elgin Fastener Group on Facebook and Twitter.


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