Bridon Showcases Global Technology Leadership at OTC

This year at OTC 2013, Bridon International is celebrating two significant milestones that firmly establish its position as a global technology leader in the manufacture of steel wire and fibre rope solutions. In the last six months Bridon International has launched a major investment in a state of the art manufacturing facility, Bridon Neptune Quay; and a research and development suite, the Bridon Technology Centre.

In February 2013 the Bridon Technology Centre was officially opened for the development of the world’s most advanced offshore ropes. This facility houses a range of purpose-built equipment to test rope properties and performance, enabling Bridon to refine complex rope constructions and optimise their design.  The facility is set to develop the largest, precision engineered rope products ever made available to offshore customers.

Bridon has cited offshore industry demand as a key reason for the Centre’s development, noting the sector’s need for stronger, more sophisticated ropes that can perform at the highest levels in the world’s most punishing environments, a need that has become more acute as operators look to deploy heavier weights at greater depths.

The launch of the Bridon Technology Centre followed the operational launch in November 2012 of Bridon Neptune Quay – a state-of-the-art factory which will produce the largest and most complex offshore ropes in the world. The facility will have the capacity to produce highly engineered ropes in package weights of 650 tonnes, boasting enhanced breaking loads, optimised bend fatigue performance, effective lubrication, and minimal rotation under load.

The Bridon Neptune Quay facility is home to the world’s largest rope-closing machine. The machine, which was constructed to a unique specification, will allow the company to produce far more complex ropes than had ever previously been possible in such large weights.

Bridon Chief Executive Jon Templeman said:

“Following the launch of BTC and Bridon Neptune Quay, Bridon now operates the world’s most advanced rope development, manufacturing and testing facilities – giving us both the brains and the brawn  required of a global technology leader”.


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