Samson Innovates with Dedicated R&D Facility

SAMSONA_New_RandD_Center_ImageAs the worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes, Samson is committed to research and development. The Samson R&D team is leading the industry with experts in chemical, mechanical, and textile engineering, as well as materials and polymer science. Their innovation brings new products and application-engineered solutions to customers.

To support continued innovation, research, and development, Samson is in the process of building an expansion to the Ferndale, Washington facility. The additional 16,750 square feet will expand design, testing, and training capabilities.

A central R&D center will house the entire R&D department, furthering group collaboration, streamlined testing, and interaction with production functions. The space will also accommodate an expanded and improved Quality Control lab and a corporate training room for large groups.

Additional manufacturing space will also allow for a more efficient warehouse layout, improving quick and accurate order fulfillment, better traffic patterns, and upgraded facilities for personnel—including a new lunchroom.


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