Three Terex ATs for Rothmund

TerexGerman based crane rental and haulage company Rothmund Kran & Montage has taken delivery of three new Terex All Terrain cranes, including a 140 tonne AC100, a 140 tonne AC140 Compact and a 250 tonne AC250-1.

The AC100 is equipped with a 50 meter main boom and offers a maximum tip height of 83 meters. With and overall length of 11.2 meters and 2.7 meters width the five axle AC140 Compact can lift 70 tonnes at a radius of seven meters. The six axle AC250-1’s 80 meter main boom and 36 meter swingaway extension offers a maximum under hook height of 113 meters.

Heiko Brückner, Rothmund general manager, said: “For nine years we have had a Terex AC 100 All Terrain crane and we have been pleased with its performance. This is why we decided to get a second one. We chose the AC 250-1 because of its performance and its massive 80 meter telescopic boom. The AC 140 Compact factor was, as the name says, the compactness for a crane of this class.”

Established in 1982, the Pforzheim based company provides a range of services including crane hire, contract lifting, vehicle recovery and heavy haulage projects with its fleet topped by a 450 tonner.


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