24 Hour Guarantee on Aerial Lift Rentals

UK based rental company AFI is guaranteeing next day delivery on over 2,500 of the most popular aerial lifts from its rental fleet.

The guarantee to deliver the machines within 24 hours of the order being placed will apply to 19, 26 and 32ft battery powered slab scissor lifts and small push around lifts. The scheme applies to deliveries within a 30 mile radius of one of its 20 depots.

AFI director Steve Williams said: “We have been getting an increasing number of enquiries from customers wanting short notice deliveries so we have come up with this industry-leading initiative to meet the demand. This initiative will help our customers to keep projects on schedule, particularly when unforeseen circumstances arise. We are able to offer this scheme due to our success in maximizing fleet efficiency and our on-going improvements in the areas of engineering and logistics.”

The latest moves follows an earlier 48 hour program, which remains in place to a wider range of core machines, including a its mainstream boom lifts, 50ft scissor lifts and mast booms.


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