Slingmax Hiring Announcement

Tony ZompSlingmax® Rigging Solutions is excited to announce that Tony Zomparelli will work as the new Sales Director. Zomparelli has 29 years experience in the rigging industry. Located in Chicago Illinois, his responsibilities will include all sales and marketing issues involving Slingmax® solutions and Slingmax® dealers, including keeping sales and customer service teams updated on the latest Slingmax® innovations and improving sales strategies for Slingmax® products.

Picture for magazine Dan
Also new to the Slingmax® team is Dan Ross, who is the new Marketing Coordinator. Dan Ross will be based out of Aston Pennsylvania at Slingmax® Headquarters and will bring a fresh perspective to the marketing team. He will be working with Authorized Slingmax® Fabricators around the world to increase company outreach and push to strengthen the Slingmax® brand both internally and externally.

Ketchum photoJohn Ketchum has been promoted to Technical Director. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina he has been working in the Slingmax® organization for 2-1/2 years and has over 16 years experience in the crane and rigging industry. Among other duties John is responsible for training the production staffs at all 45 licensed Twin-Path® sling fabrication locations.


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