ELS Teams Up With Cognid

Germany’s Euro Lift System (ELS) has agreed a co-operation and partnership deal with Cognid Consulting & Engineering for the development and distribution of remote data collection tracking systems for the access rental market.

The relevant partners – Rainer Wrobel and Oliver Feldbusch of Euro Lift System (ELS) and Josef Buczynski and Hans-Peter Albowitz of Cognid Consulting & Engineering have agreed to work together on a number of aspects of the business and as part of the deal Cognid will take over the machinery control division of ELS, including the internet based machine data system – ELS Basic WEB.

In return, the ELS will take over the sales and distribution of Cognid products and solutions, with a particular focus on the access rental sector. This includes Cognid’s internet portal ‘Locate24’ which is used in conjunction with GSM/GPS tracking devices and hardware to collect operating data and location information from aerial lifts and other equipment.

ELS has been developing its remote data collection and fleet management systems since 2006 and with the technology set to become more mainstream has been looking for an experienced partner in the field of telematics that might help with the development of ELS Basic WEB.

Cognid has over 16 years experience in telematics and has worked with customers such as the German railways and BASF. Its first customer in the aerial lift market was Peter Cramer of Hagen, which has equipped its entire rental fleet with Cognid’s systems.

ELS is also the Imer/Iteco distributor for Germany.


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