New 15in Cable Safe Safety Hooks can Accommodate 300kg Cables

Dutch marine safety specialist Westmark has extended its successful range of Cable Safe® safety hooks with a larger 15in version that can accommodate attached cables and hoses with a total weight of 300kg. There are now four models for customers to choose from:

•6in (maximum load capability 40kg)
•9in (55kg)
•12in (190kg)
•15in (300kg)

The industry acclaimed Cable Safe safety hook was designed and developed in 1995 by Westmark to meet the specific needs of the offshore industry. The hooks allow construction and maintenance hoses and cables to be neatly organized so that the workplace remains clean and uncluttered.

Many companies in these sectors now require their contractors to give ground clearance for all cables and hoses by attaching them with a plastic hook. The simple S-shaped device improves operational security and organization of the workspace, often resulting in faster project completion as another benefit.

Westmark safety hooks are today successfully deployed throughout the petrochemical industry, in power plants, shipyards and offshore rigs. The hooks are now used in Western Europe, America and Australia across many international groups.

These simple, lightweight devices (patented design) are as strong as metal and are mold injected from non-conductive high-quality electricity and heat-resistant (up to 200°C) from synthetic material that is commonly used and approved by the automotive industry.

Prior to the new 15in S-hook version, Westmark’s most recent innovation is the ‘glow in the dark’ hook. This hook will light up when light falls below a certain level, allowing employees adequate visibility for safer mobility in a dark room.


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