Joint Venture to Manufacture Guardianline – Non-Conductive Tagline

Yorkshire, UK based safety products manufacturer, Tagattach Limited announced today they are to jointly manufacture Guardianline in collaboration with Insulatus Inc. Headquartered in Ohio USA.

Tagattach manufacture a range of taglines which protect the ground operator from injury and replace rope which can become knotted, tangled or frayed. Insulatus manufacture a range of load bearing and tagline insulators which insulate and protect personnel in contact with the load, from electrocution of up to 25kV rms, in the event of the crane or load line contacting an overhead power line.

By incorporating the design and technology of both companies’ products, we have created the World’s first non-conductive tagline solution with retractable and static length options.

Tagattach Sales Director, Mike Ashforth said,

“During the SHE 2013 exhibition we were asked if our products could incorporate an insulating block. We looked in to this in more detail and have joined forces with Insulatus to create a totally new product that meets the needs of personnel working near power lines.”

Sales Manager for Insulatus, Jonathan Mitchell said:

“” Combining our two products has created a real synergy and resulted in an enhanced safety system that is both unique and innovative”.

Tagattach will be looking to increase manufacturing capability in the UK as global demand for their products will require enhanced production, assembly and storage facilities.

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