WRE Magazine: November-December Issue Print Information

The November-December issue of the Wire Rope Exchange Magazine closes for print soon. See below for more information:

Advertisement Close Date, November 12th
Our next advertising close date is Tuesday, November 12th. If you have any questions or if you would like more information on advertising, please contact us: advertise@wireropeexchange.com

List your products by Monday, November 4th.
Take advantage of the Exchange as your online sales force. Using the Wire Rope Exchange marketplace to sell is easy and searching is free. If you would like to add your products to the next printed Exchange catalog, log into the Wire Rope Exchange website and update your listings by Monday, November 4th. Any questions or problems with your account, please contact us: info@wireropeexchange.com

New to listing?
List as many of your current industrial products for sale with no limit and no commissions paid to Wire Rope Exchange. In addition, broaden your sales reach through our platform by creating your own storefront with your logo, contact information and listings. Find out more information by clicking here.

The Wire Rope Exchange is published bi-monthly and circulated to more than 5,000 companies in over 40 countries worldwide. Each issue features articles on businesses, current projects, new products, services, training information, industry announcements and more to keep our readers informed with relative and useful information. The Exchange catalog, available both online and in the published magazine, is listed directly from the distributors and is the number one resource to buy and sell lifting and rigging products. For more information and to subscribe, visit our website.


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