Crosby Introduces The New G-2170 Grommet Shackle

CrosbyThe Crosby Group is pleased to introduce the new Crosby 2170 Grommet Shackle series. These shackles are intended for critical lifting applications that require high capacity with limited or tight headroom, such as chemical plants, refineries, interstate highway construction and offshore derrick barge cranes.

The Crosby 2170 Grommet Shackle series is designed for use with single or double large diameter grommets. The new shackle design provides a bearing surface that is at least 5 times that of a round shackle, increasing the usable sling strength minimum by 60% and greatly improves the life of the grommet sling. All sizes are RFID equipped in both the bow and pin, and utilize the new Crosby Easy-Loc® Bolt Securement system featuring a hinged split collar assembly that eliminates the traditional threaded bolt, nut and cotter pin… simplifying the lifting experience.

To find out more about the new Crosby Grommet Shackle, contact The Crosby Group at (800) 797-4611 or visit


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