Large Straddle Carrier Orders for Terex

terexTerex Port Solutions (TPS) has taken three orders totaling 40 units for its diesel-electric powered straddle carriers from leading container terminal operators.

Belgian terminal operator PSA Antwerp NV (PSA) has ordered 11 Terex NSC 634 Es. Another four Terex NSC 634 E and three Terex NSC 644 E straddle carriers have been ordered by Antwerp terminal operator MSC Home Terminal, a joint venture of PSA and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) the world’s second largest shipping line.

And finally Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), a division of the state-owned South African logistics group Transnet SOC, has placed follow-up orders for a total of 22 Terex NSC 644 E carriers.

The new Terex straddle carriers for PSA and MSC Home Terminal have a load capacity of 50 tonnes and the TPT units can carry up to 65 tonnes. The Terex NSC 644 E straddle carrier can stack one over three containers and reaches a speed of 24 km per hour, while the Terex NSC 634 E straddle carrier can stack one over two containers and has a maximum speed of 30 km per hour. Common to all machines is their diesel-electric drive.

Terex Port Solutions also supplies straddle carriers and sprinter carriers with hybrid drive systems. In these units, the diesel generator is supported by a short-term energy storage unit (a package of high performance capacitors, called ultracaps) which further reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. These machines have proven themselves in many years of use worldwide and, recently, ten vehicles started operation in the HPH container terminal in Freeport, Bahamas.


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