Crowley and Subsidiary TITAN Salvage Relocate to Shared Office and Warehouse Facility in Houston

Titan SalvageCrowley Maritime Corp.’s solutions group, project logistics and global freight management team, and subsidiary TITAN Salvage have relocated to a shared, custom-designed office and warehouse facility in Houston. The new consolidated location at 15894 Diplomatic Plaza Drive is expected to foster company-wide synergies, expand TITAN and Crowley’s customer base and create new business opportunities among the three groups. Together, these businesses, which are founded in engineering, project management and logistics, will ultimately be able to provide better, more value-added customer solutions.

Though its name and core business remains unchanged, TITAN Salvage, the company’s worldwide marine salvage and wreck removal company, has relocated its headquarters from Pompano, Fla., to Houston as a result of the move.

Solutions, the company’s project management organization, and project logistics and global freight management team, Crowley’s business specializing in freight forwarding, export packing and logistics services within the energy, oilfield and mining industries, were both previously based in Houston, but now have new contact information (listed below). Solutions will continue to manage its tug and barge fleet, under the direction of Craig Tornga, vice president, from the new Houston facility.

“Many of these diverse businesses have common customers with similar needs. By offering a full suite of company-wide services, Crowley will have a greater opportunity to grow while adding value for each of its unique clients,” said Crowley’s Todd Busch, senior vice president and general manager, technical services.

“Ultimately, Crowley seeks to continue to build on the legacy of the company, solving problems for our customers and providing a seamless logistics approach to their supply chains,” said Crowley’s Frank Larkin, senior vice president and general manager, logistics.

The new facility will feature a state-of-the-art emergency response center, manned 24/7, for TITAN Salvage customers, and will have collaborative work spaces and meeting rooms, as well as a fully functional, secured warehouse and maintenance facility. The office boasts 128,500 total square feet, including 102,500 square feet dedicated to maintenance and warehousing. TITAN and Crowley’s project logistics and global freight management team will use the warehouse space to store and stage salvage equipment, inventory ship parts and spares, and handle project cargo for customers. The new facility also offers 4.61 acres of additional paved outside storage and parking.

This shared office and warehouse is located at 15894 Diplomatic Plaza Dr., Houston, Texas 77032. The businesses can be reached by calling the following new phone numbers: TITAN Salvage, +1-832-850-4150; solutions, +1-832-850-4100; and project logistics and global freight management, +1-832-850-4000.


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