Kennards Hire and Pacific Hoists offer first cordless air hoists in Australia

Pacific HoistsKennards Hire Lift & ShiftKennards Lift & Shift has partnered with Pacific Hoists to offer the J.D. Neuhaus air hoist featuring an optional cordless pendant control.

Offering the Australian materials handling industry a ground-breaking and innovative new technology, the German made J.D. Neuhaus air hoist available through Kennards Hire – Lift & Shift, now features an optional cordless pendant control custom-made by Pacific Hoists.

The cordless technology eliminates issues concerning the air hose length on standard pneumatic pendants and rope lengths on cord control models, making procedures more simple and time efficient. It also improves reaction times to less than 150m/s, and increases the operating range to a 100m line of sight.

The customised cordless pendant remote is also available as a multi system, which allows up to four hoists to be operated using one handset. Cord control, pendant control and remote control are all easily interchangeable, enabling greater dynamic application. The remote system exceeds Australian Standards, and is the first example of this technology to be seen in the domestic market.

The cordless pendant control from long-time partners Kennards Hire – Lift & Shift and Pacific Hoists has facilitated vast improvements in productivity and execution across projects ranging from mining to construction.  For more information, visit Kennards Hire Lift & Shift and Pacific Hoists.


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