ITI Unveils a Ground-Breaking New Training Program


Industrial Training International (, a world leader in crane, rigging and lifting educational services, is very pleased to announce a new, comprehensive training program that aims to provide foundational knowledge in the arena of rigging engineering. 

Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering combines 14 of the brightest minds in thelifting and hoisting industry with an innovative and intuitive learning format to produce a program that is truly extraordinary. Notably, this Program is being developed under the guidance and management of J. Keith Anderson who currently serves Bechtel as its Chief Rigging Engineer. Mr. Anderson has just released a book titled Rigging Engineering Basics, which is the fundamental text for this Program. Learn about the Program at

Heavy crane, rigging and lifting activities take place in a variety of industrial environments. Engineers come on the scene with backgrounds in mechanical, civil, structural or other branches of engineering. However, in most engineering degree programs, students learn little to nothing about crane and rigging activities. Most engineers who enter this field are then required to learn on-the-job.

On the other end of the spectrum are field-experienced crane and rigging managers who have graduated through the ranks to take on key roles such as lift planner, crane or rigging superintendent, or master rigger. In general, these individuals have already learned a great deal on-the-job, but lack the formal engineering education behind load handling activities.

Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering seeks to serve both of the aforementioned groups by providing foundational knowledge in rigging engineering by exposing students to what they need to consider and provide them with the resources to assist them in solving lifting challenges when they arise.

Learn more about the program by visiting:


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