Welded Lifting Rings Make Their Debut in CODIPRO’s Range!

we-dss-190x190Internationally acclaimed for the manufacture of swivel lifting screwing rings, CODIPRO has now expanded its range with WE.DSR WE.DSS swivel welding lifting rings.

“To retain a competitive edge in the international arena, we must constantly innovate and expand our range of lifting rings to always be able to meet market demands. In some application fields, it is impossible or inadvisable to perform threading. Executed according to specific standards and regulations, welding an lifting ring seems to be the ideal solution ” explains Managing Director Christophe Losange.

CODIPRO offers three models of welding rings with working load limits (WLL) of 2, 5 and 10 tons that have passed a number of tests conducted by the CRP Henri Tudor in Luxembourg either in-house or by contractors.

Swivel welding lifting rings have the same advantages of CODIPRO’s swivel lifting rings:individual traceability, unit-based production, fast delivery, etc.

For the purposes of safety, welding work on rings is highly regulated.  It must be performed by a certified welder in accordance with specific standards. Each articulated welding lifting ring by CODIPRO comes with instructions that define all these requirements.

Visit CODIPRO’s website for more information.


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