AMH Introduces Self Locking Hook

AMH_LA+SLHKAll Material Handling is announcing a new “L” option for 1t to 5t MA series hand chain hoist and ¾t to 6.3t LA series lever hoist: Self Locking Hooks are also available as individual parts for update of existing hoist. Self locking hooks are designed to be closed by the load being lifted. They are easily assembled into the standard bolted hook blocks allowing complete hook inspection per ASME B30 safety code.

AMH distributors may specify top and bottom Self Locking Hooks by adding a “L” code at the end of the model number as explained in the new price list made available to them.

Hoists, equipped with the “L” option or with previously announced USA load chain “U” option, are assembled and tested at one of AMH’s US service centers. A new inspection and test certification, by individual serial number, will be packaged with each unit identifying the service center’s address and the technician responsible.

If equipped with “U” option the hoist bodies will also display “USA LOAD CHAIN” and “USA ASSEMBLED & TESTED” stickers.


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