Bickers Lifting Uses Straightpoint Loadcell

loadcell-used-for-mercedes-press-releaseUK based Bickers Lifting was recently tasked with lowering three brand new Mercedes GLA’s 189 meters vertically down the Winsford Rock Salt Mine in Cheshire.  In a project designed to take the car as far off the beaten track as possible, four road-going GLAs were lowered, nose first, into the mine.  Once lowered, journalists drove the Mercedes GLA’s around 130 miles of the Salt Mine tunnels.

For this high profile project, Bickers relied on Straightpoint for accurate weight measurement to achieve the most accuracy and safety in lowering the vehicles.

Darren Short of Bickers Lifting said of their role, “Our part was to design, fabricate and test the rig used for the lowering, as the shaft was only a certain size, the cars had to go down vertically. You will see from the pictures of us testing the rig we had a Straightpoint loadcell to give us accurate weights of the whole setup.”

Straightpoint are national and international market leaders in the production and supply of industrial load link load cells, dynamometers, compression & tension, systems and connected instrumentation and accessories.

To see the promotional video please click here.


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