Unique Seaflex Safety Notice

We have been advised of an incident during a subsea lifting operation where the master link (lifting ring) fitted to a 10t Air Lift Bag failed in use. The same style of master links are fitted to 10t WaterLoad Bags.

Unique Seaflex 3The photographs above show the overall size of the master link, and the part number embossed on the flat section

Unique Seaflex have identified the batch number of the parted master link, however as these links are interchangeable, have as a precaution, decided to advise all owners or users of 10t Air Lift Bags and 10t WaterLoad Bags to inspect the master links fitted to their bags and quarantine any products marked with the following two possible Lot Numbers –

  • IWA
  • LWA

These Lot numbers can be found embossed within the pressed section opposite the weld in the centre of one long side. See Photograph below,

Unique SeaflexIf you are in possession of a 10t Air Lift Bags or 10t WaterLoad Bag fitted with a red master link marked IWA or LWA, please contact Ian Margham at ian.margham@uniquegroup.com for further information in regards to ring change-out and replacement instructions.

View Unique Seaflex safety notice.


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