close_up_yellow_innerCEO Ron Mohling announced today that Greenville-based Southern Weaving Company, manufacturer of narrow webbing, woven rope, belting, sleeving, and coated products has expanded its tubular webbing offering through the launch of BurstGard™ sleeving.   BurstGard sleeves are densely woven, double-layered sleeves, that are applied over hydraulic hoses or other high pressure hoses to control and diffuse any bursts that may occur, protecting both people and equipment in the work environment.  The BurstGard sleeve can minimize the effects of a burst hose, withstanding high pressure hydraulic fluids up to 13,000 PSI.

“When a hydraulic hose bursts, even if it’s just a pinhole leak, nearby workers can suffer catastrophic injuries or even death,” Mohling said. “Safety products are our heritage,” Mohling said, “and we are proud to be able to offer BurstGard sleeves as another potentially life-saving product from Southern Weaving.”  Mohling indicated that BurstGard is being produced at the company’s Greenville, S.C. facility, in an ISO certified process. With the launch of BurstGard, Southern Weaving has also re-branded its standard sleeves, previously called WovTex™.  The light-duty abrasion sleeve, and the heavy-duty abrasion sleeve, both staples in the industry for decades, are now re-branded as LightGard™ and HeavyGard™ sleeving.  New BurstGard completes the family of products, offering the highest level of burst protection and abrasion resistance of the three.  A product demonstration can be seen on, using the QR code below.

Southern Weaving has been in business since 1924 and has led the launch of technical textiles into many arenas, from brakepads for the Model T Ford, to composite layers for the shell of inflatable space structures.  Its operation includes manufacturing facilities in Greenville, S.C., and Anderson, S.C., with an international distribution network.  The company makes narrow webbing that serves various markets such as industrial slings, fall protection body harnesses, sporting equipment, coated straps, battery belts, and hydraulic hose sleeves.


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