jdn94-a-300dpiLifting and handling products manufactured by the J D Neuhaus company are engineered for performance, reliability and longevity when operating in extreme environments of dirt, dust, high humidity, and even potentially explosive atmospheres. Some of the toughest and more unusual conditions are currently experienced by today’s underwater aquanauts. Divers are very often working alone, in conditions of variable depth water pressures and temperatures, combined with poor visibility while also battling with ocean currents. With all these problems to contend with, any tools they use need to be rugged, reliable, easy to operate and comply with the highest performance standards. Continue reading


New Camesa Cable Helps to Clean-up, Speed-up Wireline Industry

Camesa, a WireCo WorldGroup brand, announced the launch of EcoSeal, a new environment-friendly wireline for the oil and gas industry during the 2014 Global Petroleum Show in Canada. The new cable eliminates the need for grease injection systems and allows for faster rig-up time at the wellsite. The “double-seal” technology features an inner sleeve and a specially designed outer jacket, which will reduce the need for additional equipment and provide for a cleaner jobsite.  Continue reading

Harrington Hoists, Inc. Releases AL Series (Ex) Certified Spark Resistant And Lube Free Air Hoists

AirHoist-SparkFree-6848-P1Harrington Hoists, Inc. has introduced their new AL Series air hoists which are certified spark resistant to the EU ATEX Directive which is a stringent European safety standard for spark resistant compliance in industrial hoists.

The AL series hoists are designed to be used in explosive atmospheres that require features that reduce the risk of spark to ATEX level (Ex) II 2GD c T5 IIB T100°. These hoists are also suitable for applications where a clean environment is a necessity because they can operate completely dry leaving no lubrication in the exhaust air which is a requirement in certain food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. AL Series hoists can also operate with oil, if the application permits, for longer vane life. Continue reading

Modulift Build the World’s Highest Capacity Single Point Lifting Beam

MODULIFT SINGLE LIFTING PTExpert’s in custom heavy lifting equipment, Modulift proved themselves again with their latest venture, assisting Harland and Wolff in optimizing their single point lifting capacity from the world renowned Samson gantry crane, and broke two world records in the process.

This mammoth feat, the ability to lift 700t from one lifting point, was required for lifting a steel structure jacket section of an oil rig, part of the new wave of business Harland and Wolff’s shipyard now has the capability to manage for their customers. Continue reading

Elevators Double their Reach with KONE UltraRope™

Article from March/April Wire Rope Exchange,
by Stephanie Aurora Lewis, RA, LEED AP

KONE-UltraRope-and-steel-ropeThe newest, most revolutionary breakthrough in elevator technologies was conceived by a Finnish inventor in the comfort of his home’s sauna. The curious creator began to experiment with threading together several thin strands of wrapped carbon fiber by hand. Then to build the shape, heat was needed. When his wife said the oven was “off limits,” he took the hand-threaded rope to his sauna to melt the fibers together into a carbon fiber elevator hoisting rope prototype. Through years of extensive testing, KONE’s UltraRope™ is transforming the elevator industry, skyscraper and urban design. Continue reading

Unique “hand-off” Safety Taglines Head to Canada

clip_image004[2]Yorkshire, UK based safety products manufacturer, Tagattach Limited have added Brasco Safety Inc. of Alberta, Canada to their growing list of distributors, who will take the Tagattach and Grip Rope products to new and existing customers throughout Canada.

Brasco Safety Inc. are always on the lookout for new and innovative products that improve site and individual safety. Continue reading


Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.34.13 PMThe journey that began late last month for one of the world’s largest floating cranes continues as it prepares to pass through the Panama Canal this weekend.

The crane, known as the Left Coast Lifter, is expected to begin its passage through the Panama Canal as soon as Saturday, Jan. 11, and updated information on its journey will be available at NewNYBridge.com. It departed from Oakland, California, on Dec. 22, escorted by tug boats, and is expected to arrive in New York at the end of the January. Continue reading

Spider Launches SpiderLineTM

SpiderLine 1Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, announces the new and improved design for the SpiderLineTM Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System – the safe, reliable and proven fall protection solution for workers on bridges, building construction, roof tops and other elevated surfaces.

Easy to install and engineered to fit multiple applications at height, SpiderLineTM improves workers’ safety and productivity while meeting OSHA and CSA fall protection requirements. Continue reading

Roland Verreet Brings Reality to Wire Rope Testing

Verreet's Wire Rope Test MachineWhat if there was a wire rope bending fatigue test machine which could, for example, more accurately reproduce the conditions typically encountered on a crane? And what if this same machine could also supply all the information normally gathered from eleven separate trials in just one testing cycle?

For Roland Verreet, owner of Aachen, Germany’s Wire Rope Technology, a steel wire rope failure analysis corporation, a testing machine should, at the very least, “tell you if you have a good rope or bad one.” Yet much of the existing conventional equipment, he observes, isn’t even meeting this very reasonable expectation.  It is, he asserts, a very disconcerting problem.  Fortunately, he has a solution – and his answer, he promises, is poised to upend traditional testing as we know it. Continue reading

Campbell Unveils New Design, Expands Anchor Shackle Line

Campbell Alloy Anchor ShackleCampbell®, a premier material handling brand from Apex Tool Group and the makers of quality chains, blocks, clamps and fittings, today announced the expansion of its Alloy Anchor Shackle product line to include 22 mid-to-large size screw-pin and bolt-type shackles.  Legacy shackles have been updated with a new innovative design and more than a dozen new sizes have been added to the Campbell Alloy Shackle line.

The new design removes all markings from the top of the shackle bow to prevent fraying of synthetic slings, which are widely used in the heavy construction, oil and gas, and marine and mining industries. The mandated lettering is now strategically placed on the sides of the shackle, making it easier for users to see the markings in the field.  Continue reading

Long Beach Container Terminal To Receive Green Container Transport Vehicles

BAGV 1189_005_OOCLTerex Port Solutions (TPS) has received a milestone order for automated container-handling equipment for terminals. Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), Hong Kong, China, has placed an order for a turn-key package, comprising 72 environmentally-aware battery powered Terex® Gottwald Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), along with fleet management software for the AGVs, and a battery-changing station for use in the company’s Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT), California, USA. The equipment is to be used in a completely new terminal that is currently being constructed by combining and reassigning existing terminal space and other land in the Long Beach port. With this new installation, Terex Port Solutions is now heavily involved in seven automated container terminals worldwide. This new order is not only the first for AGVs and associated equipment that has ever been placed from outside Europe, it is, at the same time, a premiere for Terex Gottwald automated container-handling solutions in the USA. Continue reading

Fishcable, a non-toxic wire rope for the Maritime Industry

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.08.33 AMAsia One Marine has introduced its Fishcable wire rope, which aims to reduce pollution caused by ropes greased with petrol based or synthetic chemical greases.

The Fishcable wire ropes are non-toxic and safe to use, and the company states that they constitute a revolution in the maritime world.

Continue reading

Sherman + Reilly Wins the 2012 Spirit of Innovation Award

The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 12th annual Spirit of Innovation Awards by announcing Sherman + Reilly, Inc. as this year’s recipient. The manufacturer of power line installation and maintenance equipment won the honor for its leading edge work in creating the Safe Zone Cab System, which dramatically enhances the safety of power line operators.

Continue reading

Ulven and Samson Collaborate on Lean Manufacturing

The Ulven Companies (TUC) recently celebrated a successful first year of implementing Lean Manufacturing practices. Lean Manufacturing is a business philosophy that focuses on maximizing customer value by minimizing waste—specifically by eliminating nine main types of waste: transport, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, over-processing, defects, environmental/energy, and underutilized people. Ulven Forging has been consulting with Tom Wright-Hay of OMEP (Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership) to implement Lean practices company-wide. Continue reading