jdn94-a-300dpiLifting and handling products manufactured by the J D Neuhaus company are engineered for performance, reliability and longevity when operating in extreme environments of dirt, dust, high humidity, and even potentially explosive atmospheres. Some of the toughest and more unusual conditions are currently experienced by today’s underwater aquanauts. Divers are very often working alone, in conditions of variable depth water pressures and temperatures, combined with poor visibility while also battling with ocean currents. With all these problems to contend with, any tools they use need to be rugged, reliable, easy to operate and comply with the highest performance standards. Continue reading



jdn89-72dpiAs a completion of the re-design project for their Profi range of air operated hoists, the J D Neuhaus company have now launched their new, innovative Profi 75 TI and Profi 100 TI hoists, offering SWL capacities of 75 and 100 metric tons respectively. Existing products in the Profi range cover lift capacities from 550lbs up to a full 60 metric tons, ideally suited to engineering environments. Continue reading

Ex Rated Move and Lift Equipment at CeMAT 2014

jdn91-a-72dpiJ D Neuhaus will be exhibiting on stand No F41, at the CeMAT 2014 international exhibition being held on 19th – 23rd May 2014 in Hannover. They are located in hall 27 which is dedicated to Move and Lift equipment, where information on the Neuhaus range of hoists and cranes will be available. These products include both their hydraulic and air operated equipment, with the latter being designed and appropriately Ex rated for safe operation within potentially explosive atmospheres or otherwise dirty, dusty or similarly hazardous operating conditions. Continue reading


Three J D Neuhaus air operated hoists, each providing a 50 metric tonne lifting capacity have been utilized in the construction of the world’s largest observation wheel located at The Linq, Caesars Entertainment’s $550 million outdoor retail, dining and entertainment district located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The wheel, which tops out at a height of 550 feet, provides an impressive view for both daytime and nightime skylines of this unique resort destination. The structure, known as the Las Vegas High Roller, comprises 28 viewing cabins with a total 1,120 passenger capacity. The impressive height exceeds other Great Wheels of the world such as the Singapore Flyer at 541 feet (28 cabins with 784 passenger capacity) and the UK’s London Eye at 443 feet (32 cabins with 800 passenger capacity). Continue reading


jdn86-A-72dpiThe range of robust handling and lifting equipment supplied by the J D Neuhaus company is currently in use around the world on Jack-up rigs, Semi-submersibles, Drill ships and FPSO vessels. Their product range incorporates both air and hydraulically powered hoists, with individual lifting capacities ranging from 550lbs to 100 metric tons. These products can also be incorporated into single or double girder overhead travelling cranes, underslung cranes with special low headroom trolley designs, together with purpose designed slewing jib cranes. Hoists can be supplied for specific function duties such as BOP handling (up to 200 metric tons), as well as providing virtually unlimited lifting and general load movement solutions including both oblique and horizontal pulling under pre-determined conditions. Continue reading

Harrington Hoists Unveils NER Electric Chain Hoists with Smart Limit Option

ER2ModB-1Ton-Motion-P3Harrington Hoists, Inc. has introduced their NER electric chain hoists with a new Smart Limit option. These hoists are available in dual speed capacities from 1/8 Ton through 5 Ton and will be used in applications that require precise lifting, lowering and stopping and for delicate or fragile loads.

The Smart Limit feature allows the hoist operator to program upper and lower smart limit positions directly at the hoist pendant, eliminating the typical production downtime that occurs when the adjusting of geared limits must be done inside a hoist body. Additionally, the hoist is equipped with a soft stop feature within the Smart Limit that slows the hook down as it approaches each limit for smooth and precise positioning.

Harrington’s NER Smart Limit electric chain hoist has all of the top quality features of Harrington’s standard NER three phase, dual speed electric chain hoists such as “The Guardian” Smart Brake Technology –  a failsafe maintenance-free brake with a 10 year warranty, extreme duty 60 minute rated motor and a completely sealed hoist body suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Continue reading

LEEA Issues New Guidance on Using Hand Chain Blocks at an Angle to the Vertical

The LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) has modified its guidance on the use of hand chain hoists (also referred as hand chain blocks) at an angle to the vertical. Whilst previously advising against any such use, the new guidance reflects the fact that some hand chain hoists are now designed to be used in this manner. Furthermore, the LEEA believes that, in certain applications, standard hand chain blocks can be used safely at an angle to the vertical, if an appropriate risk assessment is conducted and additional precautions observed. Continue reading

The J D NEUHAUS Community ‘Engineered for Extremes’

jdn84-A-300dpiThe J D Neuhaus website, jdngroup.com has been subject to major revamps which include a more prominent presentation of products in the homepage menu. Their impressive product range incorporates purpose designed handling equipment which is ‘engineered for extremes’ and used for applications in some of the heaviest and most demanding engineering markets. Details of their worldwide subsidiaries are supported with the site available in seven different languages.

The new site will feature an enlarged view at standard resolution with zoom effects available and a re-launch of the typography and picture sizes is also incorporated together with a footer with menu repetition. For easier navigation, the menu level structure has been reduced from 3 to 2 and an optimized version for mobile phones will also be available. Continue reading

Shipyard Handling Solutions from JD Neuhaus

JD NeuhausWith nearly 270 years of hoisting technology experience, the J D Neuhaus company have pioneered many substantial innovations in the field of air powered handling equipment and are now acknowledged as global market leaders utilizing this technology. Their impressive range of hoists, covering lift capacities from 250kg up to a full 100 tonnes, are used worldwide within many heavy-industry applications including shipbuilding and offshore, covering newbuild, refits and repair as well as dismantling. Typical shipyard external applications include the installation and disassembly of rudder blades, shafts and propellers, while internal work includes heavy components for the engine room drive equipment as well as drive shafts and other general fitting out or installation work.

Compared with electrically operated hoists, the JDN air powered equipment offers a wider range of operations that can be safely undertaken in outdoor damp, dirty or even hazardous area locations as well as indoor operation in dusty or potentially explosive atmospheres. Continue reading

Columbus McKinnon Appoints Gavin as Executive Director and Chief Procurement Officer

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, announced today the appointment of Lawrence Gavin, CPSM, C.P.M. as Executive Director and Chief Procurement Officer. In his role, Mr. Gavin will be responsible for oversight of the Company’s global purchasing program and will work closely with stakeholders around the world to drive Columbus McKinnon Procurement and Global Sourcing performance.
Continue reading

Harrington Hoists, Inc. Launches Food Grade Electric Chain Hoists

silo od 2 ton single speed hoist used for the food industryHarrington Hoists, Inc. has introduced their new line of Food Grade electric chain hoists known as the NER-FG Series. These hoists are available in capacities from 1/4 Ton through 2 Ton and are offered in standard single speed and under-the-cover, variable frequency drive, dual speed. Food Grade hoists can easily be coupled with Harrington’s push, geared or motorized trolleys and are intended for use in any facility where incidental contact with product is a concern. Continue reading

JD Neuhaus’ BOP Handling Equipment in Offshore Environment

View of single JDN monorail hoist as supplied for BOP handling on Seadrill West Epsilon rig, fitted with a lifting eye which is clearly visible.

View of single JDN monorail hoist as supplied for BOP handling on Seadrill West Epsilon rig, fitted with a lifting eye which is clearly visible.

Four J D Neuhaus EH 60 air operated monorail hoists supplied for offshore BOP handling have completed 12 months satisfactory operation to customer requirements and have also successfully passed their first annual inspection. These hoists were supplied and initially mounted in Norway by Westcon Løfteteknikk AS (WCL) at the Westcon yard, and were designated for eventual location on the Seadrill West Epsilon rig, which is classified as DnV, + 1A1 self-elevating mobile offshore unit.

The hoists, each providing a 60 ton lift capacity, were required for the synchronized handling during both pre and post drilling operations of a new 120 ton BOP unit supplied to the rig. Each hoist was fitted with load eyes instead of hooks, Continue reading

JDN Hoists Provide 200 Ton Handling Capacity on Offshore Rig

Four J D Neuhaus type EH50 air operated monorail hoists have been supplied and mounted by Westcon Løfteteknikk AS of Bergen to the Maersk offshore rig Guardian. These products have been specified for the synchronized lifting and handling of an 18.3/4” 15,000psi BOP unit before and after drilling operations. Two hoists are each mounted on twin parallel overhead rails, with each hoist providing 50 ton load and 20 meter lift capacities for between deck operations. Removable connector bars have also been supplied for fitting between paired hoists on the individual rails to maintain a Continue reading

Lift-It Manufacturing Launches New Website

Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc., has announced the debut of its new Website: www.lift-it.com.

Providing valuable information has always been a priority for Lift-It Manufacturing and the new site delivers extensive product and safety information, with improved navigation. Continue reading

Centralized Pneumatic Control for Four Hoists

Materials handling specialists J D Neuhaus have recently supplied a BOP handling system comprising four of their air operated monorail hoists. This featured a centralized pneumatic system providing common sensitive controls for all the lift and traverse movements of the hoists either as individual or paired hoists, or with all four hoist units operating together in common. Continue reading