jdn94-a-300dpiLifting and handling products manufactured by the J D Neuhaus company are engineered for performance, reliability and longevity when operating in extreme environments of dirt, dust, high humidity, and even potentially explosive atmospheres. Some of the toughest and more unusual conditions are currently experienced by today’s underwater aquanauts. Divers are very often working alone, in conditions of variable depth water pressures and temperatures, combined with poor visibility while also battling with ocean currents. With all these problems to contend with, any tools they use need to be rugged, reliable, easy to operate and comply with the highest performance standards. Continue reading


JD Neuhaus Launch New Mobile Website

jdn90-a-72dpiMaterials handling and lifting equipment specialists J D Neuhaus have launched a mobile version of their website designed specifically for smartphones. With mobile phone users currently making-up an estimated 15% of global internet traffic, it is becoming ever more important to have a website that looks good and functions correctly when viewed on mobile devices. Continue reading

JDN HOISTS Make Light Works of Loads Whatever the Working Conditions

JDN Profi 2 TI hoist in low headroom trolley (2 ton lift capacity).

JDN Profi 2 TI hoist in low headroom trolley (2 ton lift capacity).

Injuries within workplace environments can occur when personnel are lifting or moving inappropriately heavy loads. The use of mechanical lifting equipment helps, but can also be time consuming, particularly where rope or chain wheel manual operations are associated with raising loads to above head height. Air powered lifting has been proved to be safe, effective, economical and time saving, particularly where there is an existing compressed-air power source available.

The J D Neuhaus company have a world renowned reputation for the supply of high performance air operated handling equipment, to operate in the toughest environments for individual loads up to 100 tons. However, they are also able to supply air hoists designed for operating in light to medium engineering and general workshop applications. These products ensure workshop health and safety compliance for load capacities up to 2 tons, with hoists that have been manufactured to the same high standards as their heavier duty equipment.

Two ranges of these general lower duty hoists are available, including the JDN Mini series with models available for payload ratings of 125, 250, 500 and 980kg. Continue reading

Shipyard Handling Solutions from JD Neuhaus

JD NeuhausWith nearly 270 years of hoisting technology experience, the J D Neuhaus company have pioneered many substantial innovations in the field of air powered handling equipment and are now acknowledged as global market leaders utilizing this technology. Their impressive range of hoists, covering lift capacities from 250kg up to a full 100 tonnes, are used worldwide within many heavy-industry applications including shipbuilding and offshore, covering newbuild, refits and repair as well as dismantling. Typical shipyard external applications include the installation and disassembly of rudder blades, shafts and propellers, while internal work includes heavy components for the engine room drive equipment as well as drive shafts and other general fitting out or installation work.

Compared with electrically operated hoists, the JDN air powered equipment offers a wider range of operations that can be safely undertaken in outdoor damp, dirty or even hazardous area locations as well as indoor operation in dusty or potentially explosive atmospheres. Continue reading

JD Neuhaus’ BOP Handling Equipment in Offshore Environment

View of single JDN monorail hoist as supplied for BOP handling on Seadrill West Epsilon rig, fitted with a lifting eye which is clearly visible.

View of single JDN monorail hoist as supplied for BOP handling on Seadrill West Epsilon rig, fitted with a lifting eye which is clearly visible.

Four J D Neuhaus EH 60 air operated monorail hoists supplied for offshore BOP handling have completed 12 months satisfactory operation to customer requirements and have also successfully passed their first annual inspection. These hoists were supplied and initially mounted in Norway by Westcon Løfteteknikk AS (WCL) at the Westcon yard, and were designated for eventual location on the Seadrill West Epsilon rig, which is classified as DnV, + 1A1 self-elevating mobile offshore unit.

The hoists, each providing a 60 ton lift capacity, were required for the synchronized handling during both pre and post drilling operations of a new 120 ton BOP unit supplied to the rig. Each hoist was fitted with load eyes instead of hooks, Continue reading

J.D. Neuhaus’ Emergency Lowering Device Now Available on Profi Ti Line

The emergency lowering device recently introduced by J.D. Neuhaus for its EH range of air operated hoists can now also be supplied as a standard feature on the Profi Ti line from 25 to 60 tons lift capacity. Hoists incorporating the emergency lowering device option are equipped with a separate air tank, with two additional buttons also incorporated into the hand controllers. This air reservoir is automatically maintained at the full working air pressure during normal hoist operations. This ensures the availability of a positive emergency braking system when required, and the air tank is also protected by a check valve. Continue reading

J D Neuhaus Supply their Largest Ever Crane System

The largest crane system constructed to date by J D Neuhaus has been delivered to Westcon Lofteteknikk AS (WCL) of Norway for use on an offshore drilling rig. The semi portal design comprises an A-frame supporting twin overhead horizontal track beams providing a 7.5 meter span.

The crane has an approximate height of 11.5 meters with a total weight of 32 tons. It is equipped with JDN hydraulic EH 40-H monorail hoists operating on each of the twin Continue reading