Konecranes and its Danish Lift Truck Distributor Announce Delivery of the World’s Most Powerful Reach Stacker

100treachstackerOn June 11 Konecranes’ Danish distributor of lift trucks NC Nielsen delivered a 100 metric ton (MT) capacity reach stacker to Jutlandia Terminal in Esbjerg, Denmark. The terminal is using the reach stacker to handle and transport blades and components for wind turbines.

The machine was tailored by NC Nielsen from a standard Konecranes reach stacker. These powerful machines have a nine meter wheelbase and come equipped with a lifting hook and foldable hydraulic support rolling wheels that enable the machine to cope with the extremes of a 100MT load. Most industrial applications of the 100MT reach stacker are in the wind turbine industry where one blade can weigh up to 96MT. Continue reading


Konecranes Increases Ownership in Chinese Hoist and Chain Manufacturer

Konecranes has today completed the acquisition of the remaining shares of Jiangsu Three Horses Crane Manufacture Co. Ltd. (“SANMA”) and now owns 100 percent of the company. In November 2009, Konecranes announced that it had finalized the acquisition of a majority holding (65 percent) in SANMA. Continue reading

Konecranes offers CXT Electric Wire Rope Hoists for Overhead Cranes

CXT4 compact crane 5.0 t, Rocla, Järvenpää, Finland, industrial cranesKonecranes provides precise and customizable lifting to meet the needs of industrial plants and assembly workshops with the CXT electric wire rope hoist for overhead cranes.

CXT Electric Wire Rope Hoists from Konecranes have been designed and manufactured to meet the demands of industrial material handling environments safely and reliably. Its compact design accommodates facilities with limited headroom above the crane while maximizing the use of available floor space, and it can be custom-tailored for any lifting need up to an 80 metric ton capacity. Continue reading

Konecranes Acquires Ameratronic Industries, Inc.

Konecranes, a global leader in the manufacturing and servicing of overhead cranes and lifting equipment, announces the acquisition of Ameratronic Industries, Inc., of Portage Indiana, effective June 21, 2012.

In June 2012, Konecranes acquired the assets of Ameratronic Industries, a Northwest Indiana firm that has been providing Continue reading

Konecranes Acquires Indian Manufacturer, WMI Cranes

In early October of last year, Konecranes announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire the Indian crane company WMI Cranes Ltd. (“WMI”).   As of August, 11, 2011, Konecranes has now completed the second phase of the acquisition whereby its ownership in WMI has increased from 51 percent to 100 percent. Continue reading

Konecranes Acquires Austrian Lift Truck Service Company Operations

In March 2011 Konecranes acquired the assets and operations of lift truck service company Zeiss Staplerservice GmbH, headquartered in Sommerein, Austria. The company is specialized in lift truck maintenance service, and the sales and rental of lift trucks. In 2010 the company’s net sales amounted to more than EUR 3 million. The value of the acquisition is not disclosed. Continue reading

Konecranes Expands

Konecranes has acquired its former Chilean licensee Gruas Koman Limitada, along with its subsidiary Koman Gruas Peru, for an undisclosed fee.

Gruas Koman Limitada, a Konecranes licensee for standard duty cranes since the early 1990s, has an installed base of 500 cranes, most of which include Konecranes components. Continue reading

R&M Materials Handling, Inc. Conducts Annual Master Distributor Meeting

R&M Materials Handling, Inc., held their 10th annual Master Distributor Meeting at their Springfield facility on June 15, 2010. R&M hosted a record setting crowd of 114 attendees from 8 countries and showcasing over 60 companies in attendance at the meeting. Continue reading

Konecranes increases ownership in Japanese joint venture

Konecranes will increase its ownership in MHS Konecranes to 100% by acquiring the remaining 35% stake from Meidensha Corporation.

As part of the strategic alliance announced March 23, 2010, Konecranes and Kito signed a Memorandum of Understanding according to which Konecranes intends to sell the hoist distribution business of its Japanese joint venture MHS Konecranes to Kito. Continue reading

RopeQ Utilizes Non-Destructive Testing Methods

Konecranes, a global leader in manufacturing and servicing of overhead cranes and other lifting equipment, has developed RopeQ, a reliable and practical system that evaluates the working condition of wire ropes using advanced, proprietary Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods. RopeQ is a diagnostic tool that uses electromagnetic technology to assess the inner and outer wires and strands of a wire rope. Continue reading

Konecranes and Kito Corporation enter into strategic alliance

Konecranes and the Japanese hoist, crane and material handling equipment company Kito Corporation (“Kito”) which wholly owns Harrington Hoists have entered into a strategic alliance. The alliance agreement was signed by representatives of the two companies today on March 23, 2010. To reinforce the alliance, Konecranes has entered into an agreement to purchase 22% of the share capital in Kito from the international private equity firm The Carlyle Group. To fully utilize the global market potential and mutually complement each other, Konecranes will enter into an agreement to sell Kito manual products while Kito will sell wire rope hoists made by Konecranes. Continue reading

Konecranes Makes Four Significant Acquisitions

In July 2009, Konecranes increased its ownership in the Austrian ACS Konecranes GmbH from 49.9% to 80% and at the same time acquired the assets of German company Knight Europe GmbH & Co KG.  Through these acquisitions Konecranes entered the market for load-handling solutions with aluminum rail systems and manipulators.  The main industrial segments for these products are aviation, automotive, health care, solar energy, food and electronics industries. Continue reading