Konecranes offers CXT Electric Wire Rope Hoists for Overhead Cranes

CXT4 compact crane 5.0 t, Rocla, Järvenpää, Finland, industrial cranesKonecranes provides precise and customizable lifting to meet the needs of industrial plants and assembly workshops with the CXT electric wire rope hoist for overhead cranes.

CXT Electric Wire Rope Hoists from Konecranes have been designed and manufactured to meet the demands of industrial material handling environments safely and reliably. Its compact design accommodates facilities with limited headroom above the crane while maximizing the use of available floor space, and it can be custom-tailored for any lifting need up to an 80 metric ton capacity. Continue reading


Crane Manufacturers Association of America Releases Newly Revised Crane Operator’s Manual

The Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc. (CMAA) has released Specification 79, the newly revised 2012 Crane Operator’s Manual. This 32-page manual was prepared by the Engineering Committee of CMAA as a replacement of the original Crane Manufacturer’s Operation and Maintenance Manual with the intent to provide additional information for the operation of overhead and gantry cranes. Continue reading

Harrington Hoists, Inc. Now ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Harrington Hoists, Inc. announced that it has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification on August 8, 2011.   The intention of seeking this certification is to improve business performance by implementing processes that will ensure the company meets or exceeds customer needs. Continue reading

Demag Cranes & Components to Feature Latest Overhead Material Handling Solutions at ProMat

Demag will be showcasing its lines of overhead cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, workstation cranes, Gottwald port cranes and crane service capabilities at ProMat 2011 in booth #622. The company will be introducing an addition to its popular KBK workstation crane construction kits Continue reading

New Grease Safe Wire Rope Lubricator Reduces Costs and Increases Safety

Fluid Defense Systems is pleased to introduce the GREASE SAFE® Wire Rope Lubricator. The fast, effective and safe way of lubricating wire ropes for longer life and safer operation.

Friction and corrosion work together to shorten the effective life of wire rope exposing workers to unsafe environments and organizations to expensive equipment replacement exercises. Continue reading

Harrington Creates a Revolution

Tacoma Narrows Bridge: Harrington Hoists are used in a variety of environments and projects everyday. Here you see their products hard at work. The bridge is the fifth-longest suspension bridge spans in the United States, and the 31st-longest in the world.

A company known for its relentless development and innovation, for over 143 years creativity has been the watchword for Harrington Hoists, Inc. Born from the bold vision of its founder, the company continues to be a success story despite economic ups and downs and the changing fortunes of the industry.

Harrington Hoists, Inc. is a Kito Group Company with divisions in Manheim, PA and Corona, CA. They are a leading supplier of electric and air powered chain hoists as well as electric wire rope hoists, lever hoists, manual chain hoists, push/geared trolleys, overhead cranes and crane components, but that’s just the nuts and bolts of this diverse company.

One of the oldest, most well established hoist and crane suppliers in the country; Harrington owes its success to an abiding passion for improving the design and production of its hoist and crane products. This is the same passion that has placed Harrington at the forefront of the industry from its founding until today.
Starting his own tool company at the ripe old age of 29, Edwin Harrington was a machinist who’d apprenticed in a number of shops before setting out on his own. Having learned invaluable lessons about hard work and consistent effort plying his trade, Harrington’s gamble quickly paid off.

As his company began to prosper, Harrington relocated to the industrial market of Philadelphia, PA. By 1867, the former machinist was already demonstrating the dynamism and progressive thinking that continues to shape the company’s vision today. Abandoning tool manufacturing in order to focus strictly on the hoist market, Harrington succeeded in a very tough business climate, establishing his company as one of the industry’s major players. Continue reading