Bekaert Completes Expansion Transactions in Costa Rica and Brazil

Bekaert, a global market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coatings, signed in April the Closing Memoranda which confirms the acquisition of the majority of the shares (73%) of the ArcelorMittal steel wire plant in Costa Rica (renamed BIA Alambres Costa Rica SA).

Bekaert’s expansions in Costa Rica was implemented via the Bekaert Ideal Holding and hence includes a regional extension of the partnership between Bekaert and its Ecuadorian partners. The deal also builds on the partnership which Bekaert and ArcelorMittal currently have in Brazil raising its share from 45% to 100% in the Cimaf ropes plant in Brazil.  This leading steel rope producer has been renamed Bekaert Cimaf Cabos and will be integrated in Bekaert’s global ropes platform. Continue reading


Chinese Import of Wire Rod Increased YoY in Jan-Feb

Stainless Steel Wire and Bars .062″ and up – rapid manufacturing

According to industry statistics, in January to February, China’s exports of wire rod and its finished products hit 1314857.30 tonnes increasing by 19.82% over the same period of last year; while imports of that reached 94900.50 tonnes, an increase of 67.75% YoY. In the aspects of exports, steel wire total exports hit 259287.39 tonnes, down 3.40% YoY while total imports of that hit 27145.14 tonnes, up 40.29% YoY. Continue reading

Cortland Sets a Record: World’s Largest 12 Strand Rope

Cortland, Anacortes, Washington, recently produced the world’s largest 12-strand rope for a European client, constructed on the giant 12 strand braiding machine using Cortland’s patented Plasma® synthetic fibre. This rope will be used to create an enormous industrial lifting sling.   Continue reading