TEUFELBERGER Becomes Global Market Leader for Slope Winch Ropes

Well groomed slopes thanks to TEUFELBEGER winch ropes.  Faster, steeper, riskier … this trend has not stopped short of ski slopes. As expectations concerning the difficulty and quality of ski slopes continue to rise, so do the demands required of piste grooming equipment. Some slopes are so steep that they cannot be prepared by a snow groomer without the use of a securing element. For these conditions, snow groomers need a winch fitted with a steel wire rope. These ropes are developed and manufactured at TEUFELBERGER. The special manufacturing technology employed makes these ropes particularly durable and also resistant to highly compacted snow and ice. Continue reading


STRATOS® Winch Pro with Dyneema® Offers Unique Benefits to the Forestry Industry

STRATOSDespite continuing mechanization, harvesting timber places high demands on lumberjacks and materials. This also applies to the ropes used in hauling and winching the timber, leading fibre manufacturer Dyneema reports.

In Austria, both the Archbishop office of Vienna and Ernsthof Forstverwaltung are among a growing number of forest owners who rely on fibre as opposed to steel wire ropes for reasons of ergonomics and safety.

Between them, the two harvest around 25.000 m3 of timber annually and both are recipients of the prestigious State Award of Role Model Forest Management, granted by Austria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. Continue reading

TEUFELBERGER at Olympics 2014 in SOCHI

TEUFELBERGER winch ropes The World is looking with anticipation to Sochi, Russia, the city hosting the 22nd Olympic Winter Games. Teufelberger will be involved in the olympics in two ways – with steel wire ropes for rope ways and slope groomers.

A total of ten ski lifts in the Olympic ski area, from drag lifts to state-of-the-art VIP gondola lifts, were equipped with TEUFELBERGER ropes. And, Prinoth slope groomers fitted with TEUFELBERGER winch ropes will ensure perfectly groomed slopes for the Olympic alpine skiing and snowboard events. Continue reading