Harrington Hoists Promotes Lussow to VP Business Development

BretHarrington Hoists Inc., recently announced the promotion of Bret Lussow from Business Development Sales Manager to Vice President Business Development.

Lussow has 16 years of combined service at Harrington Hoists, Inc., starting in 1998 as a Territory Sales Representative for the company in Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan. He later held the positions of Powered Product Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager and in 2007 relocated to Manheim, PA to become Business Development Sales Manager. Continue reading


Shaw-Box World Series Wire Rope Hoists Added to Flex-48 Quick Ship Program

Flex 48 Quick ShipColumbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, has made its popular Flex-48 Quick Ship Program even more flexible.

Today, we have added two new options to the Flex-48 Program to meet customer needs and increase the depth of the program.

  • Shaw-Box products now available
  • 5 ton crane kit with 60 foot span now available Continue reading

Harrington Hoists Expands Manufacturing and Assembly to Elizabethtown, PA

Harrington Hoists, Inc., recently leased 97,000 square feet of commercial property in the Elizabethtown PA Conewago Industrial Park. The company will occupy the space in early December and hopes to be fully operational by May 2013.  The company has begun to hire new people to begin operations at this facility. Additional workers will be hired after operations begin in April of 2013.

Continue reading

Upgrading Tainter Gate Hoist Arrangements at Tillery Dam

Although the hoists and roller chains used to raise and lower the 18 tainter gates at the 84-MW Tillery hydro project operated reliably for eight decades, they eventually reached the end of their useful lives. A needed tainter gate upgrade project prompted owner Progress Energy to investigate alternatives for replacing the chains to allow for reliable gate operation during this rehab. Progress Energy replaced the roller chain sprocket arrangement with disc layered wire rope drums that wind on themselves and fit the existing footprint of the tainter gate hoists. Continue reading

Demag Cranes & Components to Feature Latest Overhead Material Handling Solutions at ProMat

Demag will be showcasing its lines of overhead cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, workstation cranes, Gottwald port cranes and crane service capabilities at ProMat 2011 in booth #622. The company will be introducing an addition to its popular KBK workstation crane construction kits Continue reading

Harrington Creates a Revolution

Tacoma Narrows Bridge: Harrington Hoists are used in a variety of environments and projects everyday. Here you see their products hard at work. The bridge is the fifth-longest suspension bridge spans in the United States, and the 31st-longest in the world.

A company known for its relentless development and innovation, for over 143 years creativity has been the watchword for Harrington Hoists, Inc. Born from the bold vision of its founder, the company continues to be a success story despite economic ups and downs and the changing fortunes of the industry.

Harrington Hoists, Inc. is a Kito Group Company with divisions in Manheim, PA and Corona, CA. They are a leading supplier of electric and air powered chain hoists as well as electric wire rope hoists, lever hoists, manual chain hoists, push/geared trolleys, overhead cranes and crane components, but that’s just the nuts and bolts of this diverse company.

One of the oldest, most well established hoist and crane suppliers in the country; Harrington owes its success to an abiding passion for improving the design and production of its hoist and crane products. This is the same passion that has placed Harrington at the forefront of the industry from its founding until today.
Starting his own tool company at the ripe old age of 29, Edwin Harrington was a machinist who’d apprenticed in a number of shops before setting out on his own. Having learned invaluable lessons about hard work and consistent effort plying his trade, Harrington’s gamble quickly paid off.

As his company began to prosper, Harrington relocated to the industrial market of Philadelphia, PA. By 1867, the former machinist was already demonstrating the dynamism and progressive thinking that continues to shape the company’s vision today. Abandoning tool manufacturing in order to focus strictly on the hoist market, Harrington succeeded in a very tough business climate, establishing his company as one of the industry’s major players. Continue reading